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Hello. I need information of

I need information of Estera Fizsbin, borned in a little town in Poland. She arrived to Buenos Aires, Argentina on September of 1930, at the age of 10 years old. The ship on which arrival was called " Alsina " and left the port of Marseilles. She and her family arrived on 26 September 1930. I want to know what city she was born, because the records of the time are imprecise. Thank you.

será RADYMNO ?

será RADYMNO ?

Hello, I am requesting

I am requesting information on GARABET ZELVEYAN. Please send information in English.

Hello, Please send me

Please send me information on GARABET ZELVEYAN

Je recherche aux descendants

Je recherche aux descendants en France du Mr. Jorge/George Enrique Keen Barrientos, divorcée de sa première epouse, avec laquelle il avait deux fils (filles ?)qui'ls auraient autour de 80 ans.

je recherche moi aussi une

je recherche moi aussi une Mathilde Delorme plus précisément Rroux Delorme en argentine entre 1895 1908 comme chanteuse

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