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Young Libs want debt ceiling reintroduced

dewapokerThe abandoned debt ceiling should be reintroduced so young Australians aren't stuck with a huge national debt, the Young Liberals say.

And West Australian Liberals want gambling revenue taken into account for GST distribution.

The motions will be debated at the Liberal federal council in Sydney on Friday and Saturday, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also due to speak at the event.

It will open on Friday afternoon with a speech from NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and party president Nick Greiner.

Mr Greiner was reportedly under threat but he looks likely to be re-elected to the position.

Behind the scenes, some Liberals will be lobbying over preselections for the next agen terpercaya federal election, with a number of sitting members under internal threat.

The Young Liberal movement is poker online calling for the government to reintroduce the debt ceiling, which was abandoned under former treasurer Joe Hockey in a deal with the Greens.

"(We need) to focus on paying down the debt so that tomorrow's generation won't be left to foot the bill for today's spending," their motion says.

They also want the full privatisation of the ABC, "except for services into regional areas that are not commercially viable".

The West Australian branch of the party wants the government to "abstain from military intervention in Syria with an intention to oust its secular regime".

Bashar al-Assad's government has been accused of gassing its own citizens as it fights a brutal civil war against Islamic State and other rebel groups.

The West Australians also want state government gambling revenue to be taken into account when GST is distributed. WA has no dewa poker machines outside of Perth's Crown Casino.

The federal women's committee wants more funding for vocational education and training, and to remove the $450 monthly cap on superannuation contributions to ensure everyone is paid super.

The federal council motions will be debated on Saturday.


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