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Why Toothbrushing is Important

plakat akrilikThere is no doubt at all that everyone needs to brush their teeth. That isn't up for discussion.
What is open to question is how often do you brush your teeth?
What kind of toothbrush do you use, and does it really matter anyway?
Are electrically driven, or battery operated toothbrushes more effective than the old fashioned hand held toothbrushes?
To answer any or all of these questions, we perhaps need to take a brief look at what we are trying to achieve by brushing our teeth.
Firstly to make your teeth clean, and by doing that to stop bad breath. We have all come close to someone early in the morning who hasn't brushed their teeth to know what that Harga Plakat Akrilik means.
Halitosis is horrible there can be no doubt of that.
In this day and age there are very few people who haven't heard of the word plaque. In layman's terms it is the muck that gets stuck to our teeth, and is a mixture of food debris and the dead cells from the membrane lining our mouths, and of course bacteria.
Plaque is in dental terms public enemy number one, mostly because bacterial plaque combined with sugar creates acid, and acid decays and rots teeth.
In addition, plaque not removed for twenty four hours begins to set hard, because of the calcium salts in saliva, and becomes difficult if not impossible to remove. The scale, similar to inside a kettle in hard water areas acts as an irritant to the gum, causing it to shrink away from the teeth. This eventually causes loss of the bone holding the teeth, and eventually to loose teeth and tooth loss.
There isn't a family anywhere who haven't had at least one member suffering from dental decay or tooth loss from gum disease, for that is what it is. How many members of your family wear dentures either full dentures replacing all of their teeth, or partial dentures. How many members of your family have at least one filling.
Most of all of this can be blamed on plaque and poor toothbrushing. In fairness diet must carry a lot of responsibility, but it is almost without exception wrong to lay the blame on a family history of 'weak teeth'. Diet, containing a lot of sugar whether obvious such as two spoonfuls of sugar in tea, and six cups a day being drunk, to an intake of 3 cans of coke per day, or a packet of polo mints, to the non obvious such as Tomato Ketchup with everything[it is almost neat sugar], or six apples, three oranges and two bananas eaten every day[natural sugar].
In truth removal of plaque by good toothbrushing will reduce dramatically the effects of sugar.
To measure how good and effective brushing is or has been, would be to use a plaque disclosing agent after cleaning. This is a dye that stains plaque and comes in either liquid or tablet form, and is a very necessary adjunct to brushing.
Where stains are left plaque is still present.
At the end of the day a manual or an electric toothbrush is very much personal preference, although a disability might necessitate an automatic electric toothbrush. There is also an argument which says that ability with your hands varies enormously from one to another. If you can't make models, find sewing difficult, then perhaps an automatic toothbrush might be the answer.
At the end of the day what matters is your mouth passes the Plaque Stain Test. If using a manual toothbrush leaves stains then save up and buy an electric toothbrush, and you could do a lot worse than checking out the Oral B range.

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