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Todayour company has developed a method of Skype focus teams exploiting a scenario close to the actual focus team through video conferencing via web-cameras. Internet survey is carried through sending surveys to the e-mail addresses of dormant researchers or by reflecting the investigator approach to the study of organization's page. Online polls have these benefits:
⦁ Ability in the shortest possible time to interview the maximum possible number of subjects;
⦁ Possibility of simultaneous online questionnaire of many subjects;
⦁ Low fiscal cost of this Internet survey compared to other forms of polls;
⦁ Ability to show arousing material during surveys via the Web (show of cards, commercials, etc.

The Chance in less time to Complete a questionnaire, without consulting with the interviewer;
Cons Online polls:
⦁ Low level of visibility of the sample, except for the study of a particular target audience;
⦁ The difficulty of employing the test;

⦁ Low degree of cooperation researched. )
⦁ Convenience for your studied.

Occasionally, we confound techniques of web surveys with more common techniques for interviewing teams of researched that cannot be accessible through the world wide web. As you probably know, webpage the Internet survey as a technique of data picking is among the most thriving, because the approach to the online network has recently become a problem for habitants of developed countries of the world.

Sunshine Surveys is responsible for supplying clients with helpful information about surveys in the world of pharmaceuticals, restaurant industry and retail shops. We don't stop experimenting, and lately we actively use various procedures of Internet surveys in qualitative research.

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