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Tailor-Made Curtains With A Timeless Design - Gordijnen Op Maat

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Curtains (Gordijnen Kopen) are a synonym for flexibility in window coverings. Virtually every inside can be decorated with custom-made drapes for ages. In modern villas we see a lot of light fabrics that are tightly made up. In classic interiors you can opt for stylish designs in thicker fabrics that accentuate the grandeur of the interior.

You can be assured that workmanship at Martinus Home Interiors in Asse comes first, so that your customized drapes become a real eye-catcher on your interior.

When calculating curtains, you may select from various confection options. They largely determine the appearance of your curtain. You can visit our store to observe the different finishes in detail. We can also recommend you on the grounds of the selected fabric which clothing is going to be the best choice to optimally show the curtain.

We will not disappoint you with regard to the selection of fabrics for drapes. A very broad range of transparent fabrics, strong colors, classic and trendy designs in addition to blackout curtain cloths await you in our store, Martinus Home Interiors in Asse.

For curtain rails we work together with the firm Interstil.


When choosing a curtain cloth, we're likely to think quite timeless. This causes several cases in the option of a solid all-natural tone or a somewhat inconspicuous design. In modern interiors, however, there is more and more the trend to accentuate drapes and window decoration. The remainder of the interior must of course be slightly more soberly corrected. There's then worked here and there with items that refer to this accent colors of the curtains.


As long as we can remember, drapes already existed. The design of interiors has changed many times over the previous decades, but drapes have constantly adapted to the changed tastes. A normal characteristic of what you can call timeless design with confidence. Both the exact classic insides with upholstered roll-down dividers as well as the contemporary tight interiors with large window components, all of them stand nicely with drapes. A product with such diversity won't quickly lose popularity. So rest assured, if you elect for drapes then you opt for timeless design.

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