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A pre-dripping caterpillar that refers to Robèrt?.

Niels de Haas as well as his brother Jorrit started the Facebook page for the new season of the popular TV show Wie Is actually De Mol. "Jorrit is truly a fan, I also check out it", claims Niels against Editie NL. Since the very first episode, a week ago, the amount of followers is rising rapidly. The' mollots' who see a clue in everything fascinate Niels. "I've watched those films of fans who in fact pick everything up and then see things very far fetched that they will meet our page.

" Very far-fetched Since the program started, the boys get a good deal of tips for hilarious hints, instagram kraken however, everything they've up to now they invent themselves. Afraid which fans of the program believe that the suggestions that the brothers share are real, is not Niels. "We seriously share links that happen to be fairly far-fetched, hence many people do not believe that." The own favorite of his is a post which links a song by Nielson ('I will be blind and deaf' coming from Beauty & The Brains) to a mole.

"We obtained a lot of excellent reactions to that." Also the final posting, in which a passing crawling caterpillar is associated with baker Ròbert van Beckhoven, scores properly.

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