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Because 90s, we are using net in our daily life, still we have been struggling to find out reasons behind each of our slow bandwidth connection.

Might be reason behind this is your internet supplier (ISP), the router as well as other network issues?

Look into following checklist which might assist you discover reasons of sluggish internet connection.

Understanding of Speed in addition to Bandwidth

When we buy connection to the internet from ISP, we are buying an "up to" amount of bandwidth.

Don’t misunderstand; much more bandwidth makes our connection to the web faster. If you are using internet via multiple devices, it can appear slow.

What if there’s the fault somewhere.

Let’s find out how to solve this problem.

Take a Velocity Test

For Speed Test out, you will need laptop or computer which you have for connecting to the router using network cable tv .

This can establish a secure connection between your device managing the speed test and router.

At this point open a browser along with Go to and Manage the Test.

Run this examination 3 or 4 times over time period 10 minutes, you will get result in relation to speed of your internet connection.

Note: Speed test taken for this platform are on servers beyond our network and sometimes internet performance is not shown correctly.

You can call your Gaming Computers internet service provider and ask them to take a pace test on your behalf and then compare it with your internet acceleration result.

Troubleshoot Slow Acceleration

If internet speed test is not as you expected or Gaming Computers perhaps as you paying for then reboot your router. If this is very unlikely then unplug the power plug.

After that, wait for 30 seconds and switch ON your router.

Router will take its time to restart and establish internet connection.

Once it’s up and running, try internet connection Speed test again.

Even now not working properly?

We can of course think, there is a problem often with your router or INTERNET.

But how do we know what triggering this dilemma?

If you have a single spare router with you, consider that.

There are other options you can try:

Does internet connection speed increases and down at different times of day? Then largely your ISP is struggling to take care of enough bandwidth during functioning hours.
Check if you have virtually any downloading or streaming taking your device, during online speed test. This will certainly affects your speed analyze.
Check if anybody anonymous is definitely your internet for their own great.
To figure this out, look into your client connections. If you locate any of this activity, switch it off or improve your router’s password.

Understanding Specifications

A modern WiFi standard comes with two bandwidths, 2 . 4GHZ and 5GHZ.

2 . 4GHZ: This is older standard in addition to works better for large homes because it can penetrate wall surfaces over distance. But its major speed is slower.

5GHZ: This is newer standard as well as works faster but not as likely to penetrate through solid walls and other barriers.

If you decide to are using wireless router design that supports 5GHZ along with 2 . 4GHZ, you will have no less than two channels. Save often the 5G channel in that on your speediest 5GHZ devices.

Imagine if your ISP is slow?

In the event you’ve tried every test possible and can safely conclude that your ISP is the reason behind slow internet speed. Then you definately should call them allowing them know.

Sometimes a great ISP try to resolve the situation from their side and at some time not.

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