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Domino's Pizza Tries To Cash In On "Dark Knight" Online Buzz, Fails

agen dominoFrom The Business Sheet: The Dark Knight is probably the most successful example of viral marketing for a film yet: Its trailers have quickly become Internet sensations.

Yesterday Domino's Pizza tried to capitalize on this magic: Warner Bros released another trailer for The Dark Knight...on a cross-promotional Web site sponsored by the pizza-delivery company.

At first we wondered how the clip, which includes no mention of pizza or even the Domino's logo would sell pies...and then we checked out the web site (Dark Knight Vault). It turns out only people who've placed an online order for agen judi domino's Pizza in the past 48 hours can see the trailer. Pretty smart!

At least it would be if people couldn't also watch the clip on YouTube, as we (and 24,250 other people and counting) just did.

The trailer, from YouTube, is embedded below. In the words of /Film, "The trailer is actually pretty good (unlike Domino's Pizza)."

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